The Car Wash That Offers Convenience, Excellence and Superiority.

Clearwater Mall Entrance 5

Bring your car, leave your key with us and let us solve the mess.  It’s as simple as that. And it all happens while you shop, lunch or spend time with your family.

Clearwater Mall

Being situated at Clearwater Mall allows you the convenience of shopping, going to the movies spending time with your family and friends while we look after your car.  On your return, the mess is gone like it never happened!

Clearwater Mall Parking Area


– Exterior Wash and Wax –

Our friendly attendants are situated in all covered and uncovered parking areas in the mall.  They will approach you in a friendly manner to offer you our services.  They are professional and absolutely there for your convenience.



Entrance 5

at Clearwater Mall

Millenium Boulevard




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Monday to Sunday:

7am – 5pm