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Book a wash on arrival … it will be done on your return!

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  • Find your favorite parking spot

  • Book a wash with a friendly car attendant

  • Do your shopping and run your errands

  • Pay your parking ticket

  • Your spotless car is ready to go!


Car@Wash do surveys regularly to gage the needs from customers visiting Clearwater Mall.  The following statistics appear in the latest survey.  Survey was conducted with 1 352 participants over a period of 3 months.

Incidents where staff assisted mall security in apprehensions

Written compliments received

Complaints received

Have you ever wondered ...

What is ‘dry wash’ exactly?

It is NOT an inferior product because it uses less water, in fact …

The products we use are all water based, even though we do not make use of the amount of water you would ordinarily do, the outcome is still the same.  Your vehicle is treated with a dust and water repellent … is left with a shiny wax finish which protects your car from day to day elements.

It does NOT scratch your car but …

The polarity technology inside the product combined with a clean set of micro fiber cloths  for each car, ensures a scratch free application. The products contain a specialized dirt repellent actives which lifts the dirt from the vehicle’s surface and then gets trapped in the micro fibers of the cloth therefore ensuring that it does not touch the surface of the vehicle again.

Attendants do NOT work for tips or act as car guards but …

Attendants are trained to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to mall security and have prevented numerous incidents in the past by acting proactively.  Although this is not their function.  They are there to render a service to regular customers visiting the mall.

When a service is offered, you can say no with ease …

Attendants are trained to approach a customer in the correct manner that will leave the customer feeling at ease and not victimised.  The moment you indicate you do not want to make use of the service, the attendant will walk away immediately.  We have thousands of happy customers every month who only make use of this service to get their car washed. Do not feel uneasy to say no.


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